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The top 5 qualities of good technology

When evaluating technology, it’s always good to be aware that not all technology is the same. Technology mainly exists to solve a problem therefore it will be assessed based on its problem solving value to most of its consumers. This is how one is able to determine how good a technology really is.

In this article we are going to look at the top 5 qualities of good technology.

1 It should be readily available

Good technology is not something that is exclusive to a few people. It must be readily available to all people who need it. This therefore means that whether it’s a hardware or software solution, it has to be accessible to all through being fairly priced and well distributed across all market segments.

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2 It should always function

Good technology is not meant to take a break it should always function at all times so that it effectively and efficiently achieves its purpose. Whether in a hospital, school, or the workplace, this technology should always fulfill its purpose. A technology that keeps breaking down will end up not adding value to its consumers.

3 It should be adaptable

Good technology should always be adaptable meaning that it should readily work with existing systems. Adopting a new technology should not force the user to have to change their entire systems in order to enjoy the full benefits of a new technology. Whether it’s a hardware or software solution, it should seamlessly integrate into the systems consumers are already using.

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4 It should be simple

Good technology should be simple to understand and operate without having to require a manual to navigate through it. The manual should therefore just be a formality but not a necessity. Technology should function like a plug and play device whether it’s hardware or software. This is mainly for the benefit of consumers who are especially not tech savvy.

5 It should be customizable

At the end of the day, good technology should be able to address an individual users needs meaning that even though it has been developed to address a problem in the industry, it should be able to be customized to solve every individual user’s problems within that industry.

Any technology that meets these 5 requirements for a majority of its users will pass the test of being a good technology.

We trust this has been a helpful piece of insight.

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