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The top 3 industries with a demand for information technology

Whereas all industries may need technology, this need is usually more apparent in some industries more than others. This is mostly because of the value adoption of information technology will bring to the respective industry. In some of these industries it may be close to impossible to function without IT because it will mean functioning in an environment where your operations are not optimized and this will not be good for business.

This article looks at the top 3 industries with a demand for information technology.

1 The finance industry

Finance is one of the most sensitive if not the most sensitive aspect of any business and this is why it’s one of the top industries where IT is in high demand. Technology comes in handy when you need to secure financial data, transactions, and the entire system, as well as optimize the running of the business through automation in order to maximize on profits. Some of the leading IT professions in the finance industry include technical support analysts, business analysts, data analysts, applications architects, network administrators and developers, among others.

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2 The education industry

Because today’s world is technology driven, it’s a no brainer why the education sector would be among the leading industries with a high demand for technology. There is more and more need to teach students about technology as well as using technology so that they are familiar with the IT infrastructure they will encounter when they get into the real world. IT therefore comes in handy in curriculum design and delivery and design of instructional material. This therefore means that the education sector will need IT professionals such as instructional designers, computer lab technicians and coordinators, course developers as well as technology integration specialists, among others.

3 The manufacturing industry

Ever since the industrial revolution, the manufacturing industry has been among the top industries with a high demand for IT and this is not going away any time soon. Technology will come in hand from all aspects of the manufacturing process form RND to packaging of the final product. Some of the IT professions in manufacturing include systems developers, network operators, and IT managers who are in charge of overseeing everything technology for the manufacturing company.

The list of industries in need of IT is endless but this is of course our pick of the top 3 industries with the highest demand for IT. This therefore means that if you are an IT professional or student looking for the best place to market or practice your skill, these should be at the top of your mind.

We trust this has been a helpful piece of insight.

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