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6 major disadvantages of technology

There is no doubt that technology has tremendously influenced the shaping of our world today. However with this transformation came very many challenges which many see as disadvantages. The fact that we have to interact with technology in almost all aspects of our lives has resulted in what can be regarded as too much dependency on technology.

In this article, we will look at 6 major disadvantages of technology.

1 Results in a breakdown in social connections

Because of technologies such as social media, there has been a breakdown in social connections. Many people are more focused on building online profiles and interacting with virtual friends as opposed to making real personal connections. This has led to more and more people becoming introverted and a break down in social and family values.

2 Technology can be a distraction in education

In as much as technology has had a tremendous benefit in the education sector, it also has a number of negative effects. In as much as some learners will benefit from incorporating technology in learning, this solution is not for all learners as some end up getting more distracted by the use of tech gadgets in class thereby affecting their learning outcomes.

3 Technology tends to malfunction

One of the major disadvantages about technology is that most technologies don’t work 100 per cent of the time because they are prone to malfunctioning. Some of such malfunctions have ended up costing many individuals and businesses thousands of dollars as well as precious man hours. The challenge of dependency with technology is that when it malfunctions, your activity ends up paralyzed.

4 Technology has resulted in so much dependency

Majority of people in the world today will not survive for more than 24 hours without their cell phones. This goes to demonstrate just how dependent people have been on technology. Many people in society can’t fathom carrying out any of their daily activities without the use of some sort of technology.

5 Death to originality

Technology can be blamed for the death of originality because many people today who one form of creative, academic or professional assignment prefer going on the internet and copying information or ideas from people who have done similar work as opposed to coming up with their original take on the assignment. This has led to a serious problem of plagiarism.

6 Spread of false information

Internet proliferation globally has resulted in the emergence of numerous information sources most of which deliberately carry unverified or false information thereby misleading the public. Unfortunately, many people trust these information platforms more than legitimate platforms because in many cases, the average internet user can’t tell the difference between a real and a fake information platform.

As technology consumers, it’s always a good thing to be aware that technology is like a double edged sword because it’s really beneficial and at the same time can be very destructive. It’s therefore important for each individual technology consumer to practice caution and self-regulation.

We trust this has been a helpful piece of insight.

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