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4 technologies that every small business must have

In order for any small business to be able to remain competitive in whatever industry it’s in, it has to adopt technology to optimize its operations. It’s through optimization that a business can maximize profits and this is especially important when a business is in its infancy when cash flow is usually a big challenge.

Technology will often increase efficiency in business operations, help manage expenses, improve performance and in so doing, grow profitability.

Here are 4 technologies that every small business must have.

1 Automated marketing software

Investing in automating marketing activities for a small business is especially important as it helps cut down on marketing expenses by cutting the costs of hiring many marketing personnel and in addition to this it enhances efficiency. Thanks to this software, tasks that would take one individual hours to perform can be automated and handled in a matter of a few minutes or even seconds. Software also helps to link various departments such as sales, marketing, distribution, the warehouse as well as customer support in one platform thereby enhancing efficiency in service delivery.

cloud - 4 technologies that every small business must have

2 Adopting cloud technology

The cost of setting up data storage systems and hardware as well as servers can be a very costly affair however, thanks to the availability of cloud technology this costs can significantly be lowered. There are a number of companies that offer these services that will cost a small business significantly lower than it would have cost them to set it up independently. The additional benefit of cloud technology is that it’s very easy to scale it up, it’s secure, and it’s very easy to incorporate into any system.

3 Use of chatbots

One of the most important investments for a business whether large or small is an investment in customer service. This however is a significantly high cost because you may need large personnel if you have a large customer base. However, thanks to the use chatbots, a small business can automate its customer service. Chatbots make use of artificial intelligence which helps in facilitating conversations with humans.

chat - 4 technologies that every small business must have

4 Use of live chats

An alternative to chatbots is the use of live chats that allow for real time engagement with customers through an online platform which will often be the company’s website. This form of digital technology which may involve the use of text messages, social media and even chat bots gives a business an opportunity address customer queries or concerns with ease. Through a chat platform, one customer service personnel can be able to handle the requests of multiple customers and this helps in cutting down costs of hiring many personnel.

As a small business that is growing, adopting these technologies will significantly optimize your service delivery at the same time cutting down your personnel costs and this is likely to help the business get to profitability much faster.

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